set id Origin E-Mail Scam Hits Australia

Origin E-Mail Scam Hits Australia

Origin E-Mail Scam Hits Australia

Another Day, Another Scam. This time in the form of an Origin bill due within a few days of being received. This one is like the AGL scam, and like the AGL scam the e-mail will install potentially high risk malware that will compromise your computers security and our online safety.

If you see the E-Mail, Delete it immediately. DO NOT click any of the link. Mail Guard have suggested the e-mail links will install software on your computer that will allow the software to ‘spy’ on the computer.

This e-mail has been designed to look exactly like the e-mail origin do send to clients, so it’s important to know the difference. Easy if you’re not an Origin customer, but if you are, there is a couple of tells that you can look for.

  1. The 1300 number used is a bogus number that is used by a Victorian recycling business.
  2. The e-mail has been sent from a new domain name “”
  3. The e-mail is addressed to “Customer” and doesn’t use a name
  4. The bill comes with a due date within days of receiving. This would not be the case for a genuine bill.

Australia’s cost of cybercrime is estimated to be between $1 Billion to $17 Billion each year.

We always tell our clients, if you’re not sure, don’t click. If you’re worried its real, call your provider to check details with them. If you think you’ve clicked on one and want us to perform a security check, give us a call on 03 5368 2611.

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