set id Cybercrime - Everyone is a target

CyberCrime - Targets Anyone.

CyberCrime - Targets Anyone.

Whilst out doing onsite appointments, I was asked by a gentleman “Why would they (scammers) want to target me?”  The fact is, people of all ages, particularly the elderly are falling victim to scams such as the ‘Telstra Scam’, ‘Microsoft Scam’, the ‘ADF Speeding Fine Scam” and the list goes on.

The reason hackers/scammer want your details vary. It could be a simple data mining operation where your personal details are sold on the black market, or it could be a sophisticated network of organised crime looking to steal your identity & associated accounts. For example. The gentleman we helped in this example has his iCloud account hacked, and while there’s no way of finding out why or who did the hack on the account, they made it near on impossible for the client to get back in to his iCloud account. Whilst we have now sorted out his iCloud account and beefed up his security, his $800 iPad is currently an $800 brick unless we can perform a reset on the device.

We regularly see scams targeting Australian’s at home and at work. The best advice we can give is to ensure you’re running the best anti-virus & anti-malware software you can, whilst also being more careful about where you click your mouse online. In our second example, we performed a hard drive replacement for a client, and installed a brand-new copy of Windows 10. The client had their computer back less than 24 hours before we received a call saying they had the ‘Call Microsoft Now’ popup Window. Again, another scam. Less than 24 hours after the computer went back. What’s worse, the computer was running anti-malware & anti-virus software but it still got through. The simple fact is, no anti-virus/Anti-Malware software will keep out every threat.

Be careful online, if you’re not sure don’t click it. If you think you may be a victim of online security fraud or think you have a virus. Give us a call for an obligation free assessment to see what we can do for you. Everyone is a target. In fact, published an article reporting 1 in 5 Australians have been victim to Cyber Crime.

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