set id Fake AGL Energy Bills tagetting Australians

Fake Energy Bills tagetting Australians

Fake Energy Bills tagetting Australians

AGL is one of Australia's biggest energy retailers and has recently become the target for criminals to spread malware to infect computers across Australia by using a fake AGL account.

When someone opens their e-mail they might see an email there from the Energy giant asking users to open the attached file or link that will infect the users computer with Ransomware.

AGL has stressed they will never send email of this type to users and have warned that they will never ask for payment details in this way.

If you see this e-mail, you should delete it immediately. Do NOT click any links or attachments within the e-mail, or you will more than likely fall victim to the scam, even with virus protection, opening these links or files could cause irreplaceable data loss.

AGL has reported the scam to Scamwatch, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and the Australian Federal Police, but we still warn user to be vigilant.

See more about ransomware here.

Herald Sun

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