set id MYOB Latest to be targeted by scammers.

MYOB Latest to be targeted by scammers.

MYOB Latest to be targeted by scammers.

There are many scams targeting Australian businesses. Some of the common ones we see are:  ‘Australia Post scam’, ‘Federal Police speeding fine scam’, ‘Telstra phone scam’, ‘Microsoft phone scam’ & the ‘Call Microsoft now scam’. There are many others, including a new one… the MYOB scam.

The MYOB scam works when the target receives an E-Mail with a fake invoice that looks like it’s from MYOB Accounting company. When the target clicks on the ‘View Invoice’ link, they are immediately taken to a site where they will download software set to automatically install malicious software (Malware).

The best form of defence when dealing with invoices that just don’t look right is to delete them. If you’re not 100% sure, seek help from someone that can look over the e-mail in more detail. The dangerous aspect of this one is its resemblance to a real MYOB invoice. We’ve seen that this adaptation of popular scams has come from which in no way affiliated with the real MYOB.

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