set id PC Keeper / Mac Keeper, Should it Stay or Go?

PC Keeper, Should it Stay or Go?

PC Keeper, Should it Stay or Go?

PC Keeper is a software program developed by Essentware.
It promises to make your computer faster by removing Malware and improving registry performance. We sacrificed a Windows Install to see what PC keeper really does, and unsurprisingly it seems very scammy. Here’s What they claim.
- Clean Your Computer from Junk Files.
- Fix Dangerous System Problems
- 24/7 Live Technical Expert

We freshly installed a new copy of Windows 10. We then jumped on to the PCKEEPER website to download it straight from the source. Downloaded PC Keeper Live and ran a scan. Immediately we were informed of errors within our install. The only way we could proceed was hit the live chat button that took up a great portion of the screen.

Once I hit the live chat option, I was immediately faced with a ‘Eugene’ who immediately told me he’s a certified Microsoft Professional. He told me immediately, that my computer was harbouring ‘junk files’ and explained that these ‘junk files’ can slow down my computer by taking valuable memory. He also told me I had 5 ‘useless programs’ installed that were loading with Windows and PCKeeper would make my PC load faster and assist with ‘freezing’. Then he informed me he was going to send me a report with more details and all I had to do was click the ‘Activate PCKeeper’ button to perform the computer clean.

Of course, we know everything above is all bollocks. Our test PC was installed with Windows and PCKeeper, in that order. It was a fresh install’ I decide I’ll continue through to the activate page just to see what their ‘prices’ are. Wow… 95% off if I order in the next 1h:33m if I sign up to a 24-month billed in advance plan at just $59.76AUD.

Bargain right? No….

I then closed down PCKeeper and ran reputable malware scanners on the freshly installed Windows. Here’s a surprise, 237 items found, all relating to PC Keeper.

There you have it… PC Keeper gets on your computer with sneaky methods and uses real life to temp you into buying with live chat. Other Malware scanners treat it as Malware.

Apple Mac users are also warned against the Mac version simply called Mac Keeper. If you look further into the programs, download websites are full of bad reviews for PC & Mac Keeper.

If you have seen PC Keeper or Mac Keeper on your computer and would like us to get rid of it for you, give us a call on 03 5368 2611. Ballan Computers services Ballan, Ballarat & Daylesford. Best of all, we come to you!

Update: Even after removing PCKeeper, we tested the computer a little  more and found that it had also changed the Microsft Edge default page to the PCKeeper home page. You can add browser HiJacking to the list of naugties.

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