set id Windows 10 Creators Update: 1709

Windows 1709 Fall Update.

Windows 1709 Fall Update.

Windows 1501, 1607 & 1703 are all now older versions of Windows 10. You can check which version you’re running buy clicking on the ‘start button’ and typing ‘winver’. If you’re running 1703, all is good, 1709 should automatically download and update without prompts. We will however let you know, it’s a big download. If you have a low data limit, 4g broadband or stunted by slow internet you may wish for Ballan Computers to perform the update for you.

Enough of that… let’s get down to the new features…
Most of the updates are based for business users rolling out large scale IT updates & using automation to make a techs life easier in the workplace. There is some feature however that you will use at home or in your business.

  • Windows security baselines have been updated. Cutting through the mumbo jumbo and its basically a security update for your computer. The introduction of a powerful analytics of threats found by defender gives the user more detailed information about security threats on their computer.
  • Windows Hello is a nifty feature that pairs your mobile phone to your computer via Bluetooth and locks it to the password screen if you leave its proximity. Better again, you can stop users logging into your computer even if they know your password unless you’re in the immediate area.
  • Device health monitor allows users to keep an eye on key details about their computer and its health in general. It can assist in troubleshooting and will certainly be a key feature we’re looking forward to trying out.
  • Networking has been given a bit of love. There have been several networking upgrades to help with connectivity to modems, routers & other computers on the network.
  • More video codecs allow Windows 10 computers to play more videos without installing 3rd party software such as VLC.

Of course, there’ll be other changes as well, but this is the core of the update. The update is large and will take about 30-50 minutes to install, so make sure you allow the install at a suitable time. In the past, Microsoft have been criticised for having updates ruining morning meetings as a 45 minute upgrade takes hold at 9am on a work day.

If you’d like Ballan Computers to take care of this for you, let us know. We’ll include our 8-step computer security check & clean, then get you all updated to the latest version of Windows without fuss. Give us a call on 03 5368 2611. We’ll come to you in Ballarat, Ballan, Daylesford, Bacchus Marsh, Melton & surrounding areas.

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