set id Blogger Hits $35M Jackpot

Blogger hits $35M Jackpot.

Blogger hits $35M Jackpot.

It was 2006 and the Internet boom was upon us. Australian domain names cost $35 to register and anyone with a computer and internet connection was able to start their own blog. Starting a blog at the time was really only something you’d do if you had the knowledge and spare time to do so as the return on time investment was poor. Then you hear success stories like this one.

In 2006, Mr Alborz Fallah, a 21 old year old with an idea to start a blog about cars registered a domain name, The company grew to 40 staff and turns over $15 million a year. Not bad for a blog he started in a spare room at his parents Brisbane home, however, it doesn’t stop there... On Thursday Channel Nine purchased the website for a staggering $35 million.

Right now, people all over Australia are starting blogs!

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