set id Sky Muster II, Launch 5th October

Sky Muster II - Satellite NBN

Sky Muster II - Satellite NBN

Satellite NBN is designed to deliver 25Mbps download and 5Mbps upload to customer throughout rural Australia. Part of the NBN rollout to provide faster internet access to Australians, the Sky Muster program is set to launch a new satellite into orbit on October 5th 2016. Sky Muster II will provide additional data capacity and coverage area. In recent times, Ballan Computers has visited quite a few clients using Sky Muster NBN with mixed results. The main trouble with the service we are told is the speed after 6:00pm. With the launch of Sky Muster II these issues should be greatly reduced.

Speeds of 25/5 are to expected with the launch of Sky Muster II. This is up to 4 times faster than customers are currently experiencing on the satellite NBN.

The check if you’re able to place an order for Sky Muster, visit this website.  Once you have verified you are able to receive the service, you can place an order with a service provider listed on the website. Prices will vary between providers and capacity, make sure you get what you need as some providers charge extra for going over a data cap.

If you would like to know more about the Sky Muster II, you can visit here

if you are in the Ballan township & want more information about the NBN technology available to you, Click Here.

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