set id Sky Muster Satellite Launched.

Sky Muster II Satellite Launched

Sky Muster II Satellite Launched

October 6th marked an important day for NBN in Australia with the launch of Sky Muster II. Sky Muster have been providing internet coverage to customers with a single satellite and this has caused some issues, mostly slow speeds during peak times. With the launch of Skymuster II, the speed will increase and the dropouts will reduce.

Sky Muster II, was initially designed to be a backup for the first satellite, however, demand has changed it's purpose. Sky Muster II will now work with Sky Muster I and together produce around 30 times the capacity of the current Sky Muster satellite.

It's not all good news though, the satellite has launched, but it wont be providing data to users for a few months yet as testing is likely to take place for at least 3-6 months.

There were concerns for the launch as the Facebook satellite suffered damage during a re fuelling operation a month ago, but the launch of Sky Muster II, while a day late, was successful.

Sky Muster II will increase capacity on Satellite to a massive 400,000 homes & businesses in Australia's rural areas.

While there are no plans for a third satellite, NBN CEO Bill Murrow has said that a third satellite would be considered if there was enough demand.

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