set id Yahoo Hacked. 500M Accounts Compromised.

Yahoo Hacked. 500M Accounts Compromised.

Yahoo Hacked. 500M Accounts Compromised.

It has emerged that in 2014 a large scale hack was carried out on Yahoo’s servers. So large was the hack, it is believed that 500 Million accounts have been compromised. This makes the 2014 Yahoo hack, the largest hack ever. The hacked accounts will include usernames, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, Dates of birth, answers to security questions and ‘hashed’ passwords. (Meaning whole passwords were not leaked but parts of them were). Yahoo have said neither payment details, or bank account information was leaked.

If you have a Yahoo account and have not changed your password since 2014, you really should consider changing it right now. Security questions and other personal details should also be changed if required. If you have other online accounts with similar secret questions & passwords you should change those too.

Ballan Computers recommends changing your passwords regularly on every online account you have. In today’s technological world, it only takes one hack to turn your life inside out. We also recommend you have a different password for every online account you own. I know it sounds tedious and annoying, but it really is the best way to protect yourself online.

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