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This Privacy Policy applies to the activities of Ballan Computers (ABN 34 216 415 108)
Ballan Computers complies with the privacy act (1988) and is committed to protecting the privacy of every individual, family & business we have any dealings with.

Collection of Information.
Ballan Computers collects information from each individual we deal with, this may include your Name, Address, Date of Birth, E-Mail Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number, required passwords, and any additional information required for each job.

How We Collect Required Information
Upon agreeing to a service Ballan Computers offers, Ballan Computers will ask you to sign a document with said information. This form is to protect both us and you. This form is an agreement of service with Ballan Computers.

Ballan Computers may also receive information from you by online media, such as Facebook, E-Mail or our Website Contact form or live chat. Ballan Computers may receive information via a phone call; of which any details will be translate to our book in form on agreement of any job / service provided by Ballan Computers. On some occasions, Ballan Computers may be provided with information to a contact in which case we may pursue.

How We Use your Information.
Ballan Computers works hard to keep you updated and give you a quality level of service. This means that your information can be used for invoicing, retention, updates, assist with ongoing support, debt collection, research & maintaining relationships. In the case of website development, we may use information to track website statistics to better understand traffic and habits to make the website better.
Ballan Computers may use cookies that are saved to your computer to remember site settings and improve your experience on our website.
Ballan Computers has a monthly newsletter that we will add you to with permission. We only send one e-mail a month to not over burden your e-mail account and become a pest. We may however occasionally send an urgent update to protect customers against a zero day threat such as Ransomware, Virus attack or Malware. We do NOT share your e-mail address with other services or marketers unless express consent is given. Ballan Computers uses for this service.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
In some cases it may be necessary to share your personal information to assist with our job / service. Example, might be to sign up a Microsoft Account or Download Microsoft Office etc.

Some places your data may be used.
MYOB – Billing – Live Chat Script
MailChimp – Email List
Debt Recovery
Sales & Follow Up.
Website Analytics
Domain Registration
Software Registration, (Such as Microsoft, Google, SEO)

Protecting your Data.
Ballan Computers takes what we consider reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is safe. This includes data we may back up before completing any jobs required.
Other Sites & Links
Ballan Computers may occasionally link to relevant websites outside of Ballan Computers Control. When you visit another site away from Ballan Computers, you are bound by their terms & privacy policy. Ballan Computers takes no responsibility for sites it doesn’t control.

Keeping Your Data Up To Date
Ballan Computers likes to keep customer information relevant and updated. We may send e-mails or make phone calls to confirm your information is current. If you notice that we have incorrect information, please update us as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy Changes.
As our business continues to evolve and changes based on demand, we may change our Privacy Policy. We will post any updates to our website.
How To Contact Us
If you have any queries in relation to privacy, please contact us on click contact and send us a message. You can also leave us a message on the Live-chat or call us on 03 5368 2611.

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