I am delighted to have met such a very competent computer consultant as you are. During my many years of running my accounting practice, I have used the services of lots of computer consultants, but without any doubt, you are by far the best consultant that I have had the pleasure of working with. Your very personable manner and your rare ability to communicate information to lay people is an outstanding attribute. Your technical excellence is extra helpful to lay people like me, and your down to earth, clear way of explaining complex matters, makes it a delight to have your assistance. I am very impressed that you can help me with all my assistance needs for both Apple Mac and Windows computers.

Don Ferguson - Ballan

I would like to say a huge thank you to Nathan for fixing mine and my husbands laptops over the last day... we did it remotely when I was home from work and relaxed not that I had to do anything because Nathan did it all... I would recommend Nathan at Ballan Computers 100% Thanks Nathan

Anne - Melton

I would highly recommend this company, they are very knowledgeable about technology, very reasonably priced and well mannered.Thank you to Nathan for your quick response to my email on the weekend, coming at the time that was arranged and understanding us when we spoke of "thingagigs and thingabobs" without making us feel like idiots. Also for making us realise that we didn't need new computers, they just needed some maintenance. Thank you.

Debra - Bacchus Marsh

I had Steve from Ballan Computers come out to my house today as my laptop was running very slow on start up, Internet browsing wasn't running correctly and running a home business laptop speed is critical and Steve had the problem fixed and had my laptop almost running new again would highly recommend Ballan Computers to anyone who needs there computer looked at/ fixed. Super stoked, haven't stopped using it since I got it fixed.

James - Bacchus Marsh

So pleased with the service Nathan provided. Am looking forward to having assistance again from Ballan Computers. Nice to know someone is there in the background.

Joan Egan - Ballan

Thank you so much Steve from Ballan Computers for immediately tending to my request to help to fix my computer. He responded in minutes (even after 8pm) and resolved the problem with ease. I highly recommend Ballan Computers to help you with your computer! Thanks again Steve and Nathan, Great service as always!

Tina Jackson - Ballan

I needed my laptop fixed, It was very slow & my internet would not work correctly. I contacted Steve as I know of him through Facebook. His service is impeccable. Its so convenient and easy. Everything he did was through a remote app. I didn’t have to pack up my computer and send it away. I would definitely recommend using Ballan Computers Remote support. My laptop is running great now. And fast, like it was the day I got it. Thank You for your wonderful service

Michael Sweeney - USA (Remote Repair)

My laptop was running extremely slow and had numerous pop ups whenever I would click any link or go to another page. Ballan Computers cleaned my laptop remotely from his desk overseas whilst I stayed in Arizona. My laptop is working much better, faster and with no more popups! Yes, I would recommend Ballan Computers if you need your computer running efficiently & at top speed. Thanks Again Steve. God Bless.

Sherri Wilson - Arizona, USA (Remote Repair)

I had a virus on my computer, so I rang Nathan. He quickly came and picked up my computer, he then removed the virus and delivered my computer back to my door. All done quickly and very affordable. Very happy with ballan computers service. You won't be disappointed if you give Nathan a call. Don't forget to support local businesses.

Faye Wellington, Ballan

I rang Nathan from Ballan Computers because I was having an issue with my computer originally not booting in properly to the desktop. Nathan helped me by coming to my home to pick up the computer and returned it back promptly. He then made the transition to windows 10 for me “stress free”. One thing I love is the personal, professional service and dedication to clients that is shown by Nathan. I found the experience much more pleasant, the interaction with Nathan is awesome, and the benefits are that he gets to know you, your computer and your needs much better than a big company. The cost to have this service is unbelievable and affordable. I highly recommend Nathan / Ballan Computers to people who need or prefer that one on one experience with someone that has tech experience. He did an amazing job and I would recommend him to everyone as the “full package deal”.

Lyn & Ron Dyer, Gordon

When it comes to computers, nothing irritates me more than those little unexpected glitches you get from time to time. Now being a home computer user I need to have solid support, which most importantly includes having the confidence and trust in the person you use. This is not always easy to find. I have now found that person in Nathan Dunlop

Ray Paull, Dales Creek

I needed an upgrade and contacted Nathan Dunlop at Ballan Computers, he was on time and treated me like I may really knew something about computers (really nice of him when I know nothing and I am sure he knew it) answered all my stupid questions without making me feel like a total idiot and was extremely efficient and explained everything he was doing. Ran through the changes with me before he left to make sure I was happy with everything. Great guy to have in the house and his rates are excellent. Also available for follow up via phone or email. Wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

Vivyenne Rego - Ballan

We have found Ballan Computers an excellent company to deal with,We have been dealing with Nathan since Ballan Computers began.Nathan makes himself available at our convenience, even after hours.

Maria & Ron Hammond, Ballan

Thanks so much to Nathan and Steve for a fantastic job cleaning out 702 infected files and a trojan on my computer plus a burnt out DVD player!!! Also fixed my daughter's iPad so I can send her PDF files. I highly recommend their services and efficiency - got computer back same day!.

Jill O'Connor, Commercial Hotel, Ballan,