set id Ballan phones & internet to be cut off. NBN

Ballan phones & internet to be cut off.

Ballan phones & internet to be cut off.

Before you close this windows after realising its another post about the NBN, we urge you to take the time to read at least the next line.

You MUST act or you WILL lose your home phone and ADSL internet if you don’t arrange your NBN connection. This article is for residents in Ballan residential and industrial areas. With the change to the governments rollout of the NBN, there have been some horror stories. Even with that in mind you still must act. If your home phone is important to you or you rely on an ADSL connection for internet, you must switch to the NBN before November 20th 2017. D-Day is coming. If you have not switched to the NBN before that date, there is no guarantee your internet, and phones will continue to work.

In the Ballarat area, it was reported that some homes and businesses were left without phones and internet as they continued to ignore the impending NBN switch.

So… How do you change to the NBN? Contact your current phone & Internet service provider. This is also a good chance to reduce your current telco & Internet spend. Shop around to get the deal that best suits you. Ballan Computers recommends considering Aussie Broadband as a potential suitor. Their plans are competitive and their call centre in in Victoria. Major telco IINET have struggled with maintaining connection as of late, so we suggest maybe staying clear of them until they can sort out their own backyard.

Of course, if you have any question relating to the NBN or would like an install done, please let us know. We don’t want to be doom and gloom, but from our experience, people in Ballan are not taking to the NBN are reluctant to change. Put simply, unless you have a wireless broadband and you want internet… you don’t have a choice.

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