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Speed Up Your Laptop

Speed Up Your Laptop

Many people believe that upgrading a laptop is impossible, however this is not the case. There a two hardware upgrades that can be performed on a laptop that can potentially speed your computer up to levels you can only imagine.

The most common laptop upgrade is RAM. Some older laptops come with 2gb, whilst most laptops in the last 4 years have come with 4gb. It may be possible to double the amount of memory your computer has, thus increasing its speed. Increasing the amount of memory your computer has is relatively cheap way to improve performance.

The second hardware method to increasing your computers speed is to install an SSD drive to replace your hard drive. There are six great reasons to make this change

  1. Speed. As you will see in the below example, the speed increase of an SSD laptop compared to that of a traditional spinning hard drive laptop differs greatly. Imagine booting Windows in just 14 seconds.
  2. Reliability. Hard Drives rely on magnetised spinning disks & a swinging arm to store your data, meaning there’s moving parts inside your hard drive. Where there’s moving parts, there’s room for failure. SSD drives have no moving parts making it more reliable.
  3. Noise. Because there are no spinning parts or moving arms in an SSD drive, there is no noise. An SSD drive is a quiet as if the computer was off.
  4. Power Consumption. Because SSD drives use less power that their hard drive counterpart, you can expect longer battery life from your laptop. Less power obviously means lower power bills too… but don’t get too excited, we’re not talking in the thousands of dollars here.
  5. Cooler. Because an SSD drive has no moving parts, they’re not as prone to heating up as much as a hard drive might. This can really help a laptop, where everything is crammed into the computer casing.
  6. Weight. Ok, we’re at the bottom of the pile now, but there is a small weight difference. An SSD drive is normally half that of a hard drive. We’re only talking a small amount here, but hey, a laptop is designed for portability.

So there you have it. Two solid ways to increase the speed of your computer without spending money on a new one. If you live in Ballan, Ballarat or Bacchus Marsh areas and would like to speak to someone about upgrading your laptop computer, give us a call or send us a message now.

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