set id Is ScanGuard Safe?

Is ScanGuard Safe?

Is ScanGuard Safe?

Its becoming more common for websites to have advertising on them to promote either themselves or other websites. In some cases these advertised sites are genuine, other times they are not.

As you will see in the example below, there are genuine websites with genuine information, like The Age, IBM & AGL. Mixed in with the useful sites can sometimes be fake sites using credibility from other ads to be noticed. We’re going to focus on one of the “Web Life Advice” link.

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With a headline that reads “This Trick Is Being Called a Game Changer For PC Users” You might be tempted to click that link and see what it’s all about. Click the link and you will be taken to another site that claims a program ScanGuard is a tool to keep your computer clean to be run in conjunction with your anti-virus. It goes on to explain it’s a free tool that you can run on your computer by simply clicking the download link. Well, Here’s the truth. ScanGuard is not what it claims to be.

When we were made aware of ScanGuard, we did some research and found users that installed it were faced with thousands of threats found by ScanGuard including reporting well know anti-virus program MacAfee as a threat. After this, the user re-installed a fresh copy of Windows on a new drive and immediately installed ScanGuard, and guess what… Thousands of threats again. Worse again, to the users that do fall victim to this, they are asked to pay a fee to remove the ‘threats’.

Bottom Line, DO NOT install ScanGuard.

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