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Maintaining Your Business Online Profile

Maintaining Your Business Online Profile

Online promotion is widely accepted and recognised as the most effective way to get clients to spend money with your business. Online advertising is a massive industry and its easy to know why. One problem is most website owners don’t have sufficient content to land the customer.

Here's some ways to improve your website.

Content is king, Google will actively reward trustworthy websites. Gone are the days where backlinks were king. (although we believe they are still important.). Having quality content and strong keywords relevant to your page makes you an ‘authority’ in your field and Google rewards that. Ballan Computers have content writers on staff ready to look at your website and make suggestions on how to increase your hit-rate.

When a potential customer looks at your website, they know quickly if they’re interested in your business. If there is sufficient interest, they may read some of the content on your page, or they may go straight to the contact section. Think about how easy (or difficult) it is for a client to contact you from your webpage. Some websites have a phone number at the top, others might have a dedicated contact page. Ballan Computers gets most of its website leads from the Live Chat Feature. Does your website have Live Chat?  If you would like Ballan Computers to look at the contact ques on your website, lets us know. Initially (due to time constraints) we were reluctant to use live chat, but when we did, our leads increased).

Part of building trust in the eyes of the almighty Google is activity. If your website sits there doing absolutely nothing, it becomes less relevant every day. Google recognises this and although it doesn’t punish your site, it will prioritise other sites that are active ahead of yours. Consider having a blog on your website. It will assist with keeping your page relevant and make it more trusted and relevant. If you would like help setting up a blog, let us know.

Do you know how many visitors you get to your site? Do you know what pages are getting the most visits? If you know the trends of your website activity, you are in a better position to promote it or offer more of the most relevant information your customers seek. Ballan Computers can help you realise the potential of your website by installing analytics and showing you how to use them.

One of the best ways to ensure your website is high in search rankings is speed. With a shift of internet activity quickly moving toward mobile devices, the speed of your website has never been more important. Ballan Computers can help you reduce the size and chunkiness of your website to improve its performance. This will not only help with search results, but will give your customers a better user experience.

Social Media.
Having an active social media page is almost imperative in this technological world. Social Media is responsible for more leads than our website! Better yet, we can use our social media page for direct contact to customers offering promotions, information or links to your new blog posts or website. If you would like assistance setting up a Social Media page and training on how to run it, let us know,. We have Social Media experts ready to assist.

E-Mail Marketing.
We recently visited a customer that has been taking e-mail addresses from his clients for 10 years. In that time, he hasn’t once done a re-marketing campaign to those clients. Now think about this… worst case scenario, he gets two new e-mail addresses per day times  five days per week, times 52 weeks per year, over a 10 year period. That’s a whopping 5,200 email addresses he could have been remarketing to. The challenge of e-mail marketing is to ensure you don’t overdo it, but if done correctly, it can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Even if this client gets a 1% hit rate once a month, that’s an extra 52 clients per month or 624 clients per year.

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