set id New Windows 10 Features Being Tested.

New Windows 10 Features Being Tested.

New Windows 10 Features Being Tested.

Windows 10 about to get even better. There’s a new developer update currently being tested and almost ready to be sent out to developers & testers in the real world. Some of the new features look good. Here’s some we’ve picked out. Keep in mind, these are in a developmental test build and may not be rolled out beyond the tests.

App Throttling.
This will allow users to reduce resources to apps running in the background to allow for a faster performing front end. Especially good for older machines that are running Windows 10. This could also be very handy for gamers.

Blue Light Reduction.
in 2015, Apple introduced a night mode removing blue light from screens to assist the user at night. the presence of blue light after sundown can mess with your circadian rhythms, preventing you from getting a good night's sleep. Studies have suggested that blue light at night could cause insomnia, obesity & even cancer. Blue light reduction options will allow the user to set a time they want their computer to enter ‘night mode’

Edge Tab Preview.
If you’re one of those people that has 704 tabs open, (like me), the new tab preview option might come in handy. The preview tab basically gives you a thumbnail of the content when you hover over the tab. (I like this one)

Cortana Suggestions.
Some people (me) love and use Cortana more than any new feature in Windows 10. Its about to get better with predictive text. For example, if you start typing ‘sp‘ it will show the Spotify app ready to open quickly.

Cortana Tasks.
You can now tell Cortana about your reoccurring important dates and get reminders.

Windows Updates (Delayed on Demand.)
You will be able to pause when updates are delivered to your computer with more specific options. You can set your computer to ‘not at home’ mode, so updates don’t randomly install & restart your computer in the middle of a meeting or presentation. This does seem to only be an option for Windows 10 Pro users.

Refresh your PC.
Refreshing your PC although time consuming is now set to be a lot easier. In the past, a refresh was accessible by doing tech wizardry, now… it will be an option in Windows defender. Not sure I like this one as I can see people losing data & programs that they didn’t want to.

Display Settings Makeover.
Nothing here is going to break new ground. The display settings area & themes will be easier to manage, access and change.


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