set id See Who’s Viewing Your Profile is a SCAM

See Who’s Viewing Your Profile. SCAM

See Who’s Viewing Your Profile. SCAM

There has long been hacks/scams and click bait on Facebook. A variation of the profile views scam is currently doing the rounds. See Below
Facebook User
This is completely fake. DO NOT click or follow the link as they often get you to complete tasks or fill out forms and passwords that can put you, your Facebook profile or your computer at risk of a cyber attack. Once clicked, this particular attack posts to your wall asking your contact to do the same. You will be asked to fill out questionnaires to ‘see who is viewing your profile’. You may also see an increase in spam content once this link has been clicked.

This is one of many ways hackers get access to Facebook profiles, we encourage everyone to be vigilant and change passwords regularly to avoid such attacks.

Facebook have said it many time, you cannot see who is looking at your profile. Facebook simply doesn’t allow access to programs and apps that might be after that information.

I followed the link... What do I do?
If you have clicked the link, make sure you remove any apps on your phone or computer that it may have installed. Remove the post on your Facebook profile that the link will have added to your timeline so others don’t fall for it from your profile. Change your password as a precaution.  

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