set id Huge Speed Increase Possible with SSD

Huge Speed Increase Possible with SSD

Huge Speed Increase Possible with SSD

In today’s technological world, it’s possible to give your computer a burst of speed for a relatively cheap price. For example, if you brought an i5 or i7 computer 4 years ago, chances are it’s a pretty quick computer. Maybe all it needs is a good cleanup to get it running like new again.

Upgrading computers in the past was an expensive hobby, especially if you’re a gamer and have to have the best graphics available, but if you're a home or business user, chances are you don’t need a powerful graphics card and your slow computer just needs a helping hand.

Ballan Computers can assist in computer speed up in the following ways.

  1. Clean Up your computer and get rid of any unnecessary files, registry keys and programs.
  2. Re-Install Windows so your computer is back to it’s 'out of the box state' or a Fresh install of Windows 10.
  3. Upgrade RAM, while this normally offers small improvements for any computer with 4gb or more, ram is now a very cheap way to upgrade your computer.
  4. Replace the Hard Drive with an SSD drive. SSD drives are astonishingly quick in comparison to regular Hard Drives. For example, we took a computer running Windows 10 from loading in two minutes to loading in around 15 seconds... We've heard of some computers loading in just 10 seconds with an SSD installed. Wow.

Even better, all of the above can be done to a laptop too!

If you would like to have a chat with us about how you can upgrade your computer or laptop. Let us know.

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