set id Slow Computer, 5 Reasons Why It Could Be Slow.

Slow Computer, 5 Reasons Why It Could Be Slow.

Slow Computer, 5 Reasons Why It Could Be Slow.

A slow computer is one of life’s greatest irritations. Ballan Computers service computers daily suffering from at least one of the below issues. The good news is, there is always a solution.

Most computers will have some form of malware or junkware on them, whether is a virus, data capture software or a potentially unwanted program. Chances are your computer has software on it that is simply not needed and slowing your computer down.

Temporary Files.
Not cleaning your temp files can not only take valuable hard disk space, it can actually slow your computer down. The more file that are on your computer, the more the computer has to do to 'index' those files.

Browser Hijackers & Toolbars
Have you got the Ask Toolbar, Conduit, Trovi or MyWebSearch? This would indicate that you have a browser hijacker... also a form or malware/junkware.

Over time you knowingly install programs on your computer only to remove them when you don't use them, in almost all cases, files and registry values are left on the computer. This can create a situation where your computer is looking for files & folders that no longer exist. The other factor to age is how quickly software updates. Everytime you install or update new software it's likely to need more resources. 

When your computer is on, it needs a constant flow of air to cool down the processor. This is taken care of in most cases by cooling fans that drag air into the computer. Overtime, the fresh air the computer sucks in also sucks in dust. This dust sticks to your fan and cooling devices making it harder to cool. When a computer is outside of its normal operating temperature, they either overheat and switch off, of... slow down in an attempt to generate less heat. Excess dust can also be a fire hazard, so a good clean might me required.

If your computer is running slower than you'd like, give us a call, We'll take some steps to clean it all up and get it running quicker than you thought possible.

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