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Quality Vs Quantity

Quality Vs Quantity

Here at Ballan Computers, we know we're not the cheapest computer repairer around, in fact, we pride ourselves on it. We recently had a client that paid for an onsite visit for a repairer to take a look at her Mac computer. She chose the other guy because of price. The problem however... even after paying, her issue wasn't fixed. Further to this, the repairer she chose made the problem worse! The customer came to us and as a result had the first and secondary issues resolved.

We're not saying we are the best out there, but at Ballan Computer we cover our repairs with a 30 day warranty. We help you understand why your issue may have occurred & ways to avoid it in the future. Ballan Computers also offer a free dust cleanout with every repair and even goes as far as wiping down your computer or laptop. Why? We like to leave a lasting impression. We like our customers feeling like the computer is new.

Ballan Computers also has a mailing list that we use to make our clients aware of current threats. We like to think we are there for you after the service as well.

We believe you get what you pay for. We believe in quality over quantity.

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