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Anti-Virus, Free vs Paid

Anti-Virus, Free vs Paid

While there are many 'free' anti-virus programs out there, one really must wonder how good they are and if you should pay for anti-virus software. We often install free anti-virus software on client computers when there is nothing at all protecting valuable files. While this is good practice for us, its really a temporary measure in our eyes. While free anti-virus programs do give you some protection, they lack features that might allow in other threats. What’s worse... some free packages find potential threat but won’t remove them unless you pay.

We always recommend to our customers to have quality anti-virus software installed on their computers. For less than $0.50c per day it really is a worthwhile investment. Here is the issue though... no anti-virus package out there will provide 100% protection against threats.

There are other factors too... for example, Malware Protection, Parental Tools, identity theft protection and behavioural detection are all likely to be found in a paid anti-virus, but listed an an optional add-on in free versions.

Although anti-virus companies deny it, it's believed that updates and latest detection rules are delayed in free versions compared to free versions. If this is true, customers using the free versions without the latest updates and putting their data, identities and money at risk.

If you wish to have a chat with us about protecting your computer, let us know.

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