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My 24 Hours without Facebook.

My 24 Hours without Facebook.

Running a small business has its perks, but it also has its stresses. What started as a weekend away to get some much needed timeout turned into a Sunday feeling sorry for myself as I came to terms with a food coma from the retro games/nerd night the night before. As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself, all I could bring myself to do for most of the day was check up on Facebook on my iPad and watch Brooklyn Ninety-Nine on Netflix.

As Monday rolled around, I was still feeling seedy, so I lay in bed an hour longer than normal to gather my thoughts and drum up some motivation. As I get up, my daughter comes screaming, “Dad’s awake” and jumps into my arms, instantly, I begin to feel better. I consult the better half and decide we’d take our Daughter to the park for the morning and hop into the car. Without realising, I left my phone at home and thus began my 24 hour Facebook block out. (Although I didn’t realise it at the time).

As we get home with a very tired Toddler in tow, I decide I’m going to the office to work. As I sat down at my desk, I open my Google Chrome and start typing into the address bar, but before I hit enter, my Daughter comes running in wanting to watch Peppa Pig. So I setup Peppa Pig on the TV and start working completely forgetting I was going to check Facebook. I start working and before you know it, I have cleared off everything I wanted to achieve in the day and I’d only been sitting at my desk for 3 hours. Bonus... Then I realised... I hadn’t checked Facebook. And you know what... I’m on a roll... Facebook can wait.

Facebook can be a powerful business tool if used correctly, but on the flip side of the coin, Facebook can also be a massive distraction. What I learnt on Monday, was that Facebook does in-fact distract me from working. The amount of work I completed on Monday in 5 hours matched what I would normally do in 8 hours with Facebook open.

So, I challenge you... Forget Facebook for One day. Let people know you are going to be off Facebook for one day and stick to it. For me, it was brilliant, I was not distracted by notifications or inboxes or what my mate had for Breakfast. Instead, I spent time with my Family and got more work done in a 5 hour window than I have in a long time.

FYI, Our Facebook page was being monitored by Steve, our Remote Support specialist on the day, so I knew the Ballan Computers page was being managed.

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