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Preventative Measures - Keep Files Safe

Preventative Measures - Keep Files Safe

What would you do if you lost all your files overnight? All your photos, documents, videos & contacts all gone in an instant. Do you have sufficient backups in place? Are you confident that a Ransomware attack will not cause you untold misery?

There are different types of Ransomware with the highest threat being encryption to your files. When this happens, the likelihood of getting your data back is almost impossible unless you pay the ransom demands of the hackers. (We don’t recommend this)

The best form of protection against Ransomware is prevention and backup, we can educate you one which e-mails to avoid etc, but there are many ways you can get Ransomware. In fact, two of my colleagues in the industry have been victim of Ransomware recently. Many of our clients in Ballan & Ballarat have had the unfortunate news of data loss due to Ransomware...

Ballan Computers can’t guarantee you a fix all solution as new threats are released daily, but we can however offer solutions based on your specific circumstances. Data backup can be done locally or in the cloud. If you’re in Ballan and have the NBN active, a cloud solution is the best bet. If you’re relying on Mobile Broadband or Satellite, we can offer solutions that don’t require a large data upload to a cloud.

If you would like more information or a quote for data backup options, let us know. Sometimes the easiest way to stay protected is a proactive approach.

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