set id Dual Screen - More Efficient.

Second Screen - More Efficient.

Second Screen - More Efficient.

In today’s technological world, we see a lot of clients using a laptop as their work computer. While this is great for the work anywhere factor, it also has its drawbacks. For example, The Dual Screen... 4 years ago it was not uncommon to walk into an office and see computers using a second screen. It’s thought a dual screen solution increases productivity. We see far less dual screen setups now due to the shift toward a more mobile working device. What if I told you a Laptop can also offer a dual screen solution?

How a Dual Screen Works.
Many computers can support a second screen. A second screen can allow a lager workspace and the ability to take in more information at once. A second screen can also result in a lot less ‘alt tabs’ or window changes as there is more room on the desktop. Imagine having a second fully functional desktop on your computer.

Benefits of a Dual Screen Setup.
Microsoft research shows that productivity can be as much as 9% on average when using a second screen and up to 50% more efficient with some specific tasks. While other studies suggest the Microsoft research is way off the mark and suggest a second monitor could increase productivity by 20-30%. An error reduction of 10% is also something to consider.

Multi Tasking.
If you or your employees operate multiple software programs, multi tasking efficiency can be greatly improved with a second screen. For example, You are running your Point of Sale on one screen and your Word, Spreadsheets on the other.  Having the ability to see two screens at any one time with a quick glance can be a great benefit. Another example might be... You run a social media page for your business and you like to respond quickly to enquiries. You can have your Facebook logged in on one screen seeing every notification as it hits your account. You can still work on your main screen and maintain a highly efficient Facebook page.

A new screen can cost as little as $99, the ROI on the screens cost can be made up very quickly. Imagine injecting 10% more productivity into your business per employee that’s sits at a computer... That’s got to be worth a second thought... and a second screen.

Ballan Computers can assist with a second screen and training if required. Let us know if you’d like to know more.

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