set id Apple Confirms iPhone 7. Heres The Details.

Apple Confirms iPhone 7. Heres The Details.

Apple Confirms iPhone 7. Heres The Details.

Well, I tried to sleep last night and while the lure of a warm bed and comfy pillow were calling there was a bigger calling that I was unable to ignore. The Apple launch in San Francisco.  Of course I wasn’t actually expecting much, maybe just a few little changes here and there as iPhone 7 rumours were quite tame... however... there has been some pretty nice features you’re going to love!

Lets start with the first thing any one does when they purchase something... the look... Well... it looks identical to the iPhone 6s except for the camera and home screen button. It come is two new colours to compliment the White/Silver, the Rose Gold and the Gold... Black and High Gloss Black.

While looks are important, there is certainly many more reason to consider an upgrade. The iPhone 7 will boast the new A10 processor featuring Quad Core processing power making it 40% fater than the 6s and twice as fast at the iPhone 6. It will be more efficient, using up to 1/5 of the power in apps requiring low power. The Graphics processor has been upgraded to a massive 6 core processor making the new games available for iPhone 7 astonishing.

You would think with all this power the battery life would suffer... you would be incorrect, Apple say the average user will experience 2 hours longer battery life per charge on the iPhone 7 and an average of 1 hour longer on the 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 will come in 3 sizes, 32gb, 128gb and 256gb capacity. The Gloss Black will be available in the 128gb and 256gb only. We think you’re going to need all that extra room with a 12 megapixel camera on the back with built in image stabilizer. The front camera will also get a bump up and boast 7 megapixel an increase from the iPhone 6s 5 megapixel front camera. The 7 Plus however will boast not one, but two rear cameras making photo shoots insanely good for a pocket camera. With new software due soon, the 7 Plus will be able to deliver amazing images and make use of background depth images with a live preview. The sample image Apple showed was simply mind boggling.

It doesn’t stop there... the iPhone 7 will have a 25% brighter screen, and be dust and water resistant and boast for the first time ever stereo sound, a speaker at the bottom and a new speaker at the top. Not only will the sound be louder, but will be clearer with a higher range.

Perhaps the biggest change that was not a secret was the loss of the headphone jack. Apple say they removed the jack for 3 main reasons. 1, their intention when they designed the lighting jack was to eventually use it for sound.  2. The size of the headphone jack is quite large for a single function feature when size is at an absolute premium and 3. The company wanted to explore wireless headphones.

When I first read the headphone jack would be removed in favour of lightning connector headphones, I was immediately taken back... We have known the 3.5mm headphone jack for as long as I can remember... then... they showed us the new ‘Ear Pods’. Apple have created wireless headphones that not only look great but are feature packed. For example... Air Pod earphones have a 5hour battery life, live in a charger box that has its own battery with up to 24 hours of battery life. They have build in microphone so you can double tap the headhone and like magic, talk to siri. They will work with your iWatch, iPhone, iPad and Mac. While the Ear Pod headphone will come at a cost, Apple will be shipping lightning headphones with every new phone along with a lightning to 3.5mm adaptor if you choose to use other headphones.

Lastly for this post, Apple will continue to manufacture the iPhone 6s as it’s mid range phone, but theres also good news on this front. The iPhone 6s will now ship as a 32gb phone and a 128gb phone. They have dropped the 16gb in lieu of the 32gb and dropped the 64gb models from the range entirely.

Telcos can place their orders from September 9 with stock expected to start shipping to customers on September 16.

There was a New Apple Watch launched too... Check it out Here.

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