set id Dropbox Hacked - Details revealed.

Dropbox Hack Revealed.

Dropbox Hack Revealed.

In 2012 there was a hack to cloud giant Dropbox. The full extent of the hack wasn’t known at the time but now, more than 68 Million user accounts have reportedly been leaked online. It was reported on Wednesday, that technology website ‘motherboard’ obtained documents containing details about the breach. These files contained e-mail addresses and passwords.

While the 2012 hack was previously unproved, head of Dropbox trust & security Patrick Heim, says no accounts have been quick to address worried customers in a statement emailed to, “This is not a new security incident, and there is no indication that Dropbox user accounts have been improperly accessed.

The bottom line here is folks, if you use Dropbox, it’s time to change your password. It’s also worth noting that over 68 million e-mail addresses have been compromised so keeping an eye on your email is more important than ever. Everyday, new virus & ransom threats are being mailed out to unsuspecting recipients. There is a chance these leaked e-mail addresses could be targeted in a Hoax Dropbox e-mail to users. If you need to login to Dropbox or change your passwords etc, please do it from your browser and don’t click links in an e-mail.

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