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Social Media for Business.

Social Media for Business.

Do you have a business pager on Facebook? We’d love to know. Most businesses we deal with have a Facebook page, some are run well, while others are not. More and More businesses are creating their brand on Facebook then abandoning the page because it doesn’t grow as quickly as they would like. In this post, we’ll cover some ways to help get your page buzzing. Facebook is now being used by so many businesses and communities all fighting to be seen, not all of your page likers will see your content. Heres some numbers from the Ballan Computers Page. Page Ballan Computers, Likers: 294 (At time of article)

Post 1. We did a post on the Ballan Computers page and had only one like and it was only seen by 39 people. That is a hit rate of only 13.26 percent.

Post 2 Lets look at another article... This time one with 3 shares, 10 Likes and No Comments. Seen by 417 people a hit rate of 141.83 percent. That post with a few simple shares *& Likes has seen 123 more people that likers to the page.

Post 3 This post was about the most trending game in the world right now. Pokemon Go. This post had 14 Shares, 6 Likes and 6 Comments. This post was seen by 1,675 people or 570 percent! While having a Facebook page for your business is good practice, its important not to rely on it entirely. For example, through the month of July, most of our clients came from repeat business, referrals and local advertising. Facebook was fourth in the list of lead generation. Our Website was 6th. (Thats to be expected as there was very little activity on our Facebook page in July) With all this in mind however, If we break our leads down into ‘Internet’ and include Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, email list & our website, the Internet is the top lead generation method for the month.

Ballan Computers can assist your business being found on the Interent. Being there is only part of the puzzle, being seen is what puts the puzzle together.

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