set id Is Facebook Becoming a Paid Service?

Is Facebook Becoming a Paid Service?

Is Facebook Becoming a Paid Service?

In the last few days I have see a couple of variations of the 'cut and paste this to keep Facebook free'. Whilst Mark Zuckerburg has come out a few times and announced Facebook will always be free, it doesn't stop these statuses making the rounds at least a couple of times a year. Facebook makes plenty of money on advertising, they need as many users on Facebook daily to deliver the ads too.

Why will Facebook always be free?
Without users, the value of the ads go down and the value of the company drops,Facebook will always be free because you are a sellable commodity to Facebook’s never ending line of advertisers. If Facebook becomes a pay to use site, the drop off would be immense and most likely actually cost Facebook money. 

What about the Privacy Post?
Again, In the last few days, I have seen a few people cut and paste the I don't give Facebook permission to make my details public status. This one also claims to only protect people that paste the status. The simple fact is, If you use Facebook, you are bound by their terms and conditions, no amount of statuses will change your agreement with Facebook. If you wnat you details to remain private, Facebook security features can block out any content to the outside world. The best way to protect your account is to have a computer clear of any malware infection and change your password regularly.

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