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Fake $50 Notes In Ballarat & Gumtree Scam Both Make Police News today.

Fake $50 Notes In Ballarat & Gumtree Scam Both Make Police News today.

There has been two seperate Victoria Police media releases today inolving fraud type activities. The first, A spate for fake $50 notes doing the rounds in the Ballarat region. The Other a Gumtree scam. We'll cover both now.

The Fake Bills. - Ballarat According to Police Media, the fake $50 bills are made from paper and are easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Possible tell tale signs.
1. Plastic windows may not look right or not have embossed 50.
2. When scrunched up, a real note should spring back to a flat note, a fake one will not.
3. Try and make a small tear in the corner of the note, if it tears, its likely to be counterfit.
4. different size to other $50 notes.
Police have asked people to be aware of the notes and hand them in to Police via and envelope if you suspect a conterfit. Police have also asked to record any information in relation to persons, cars etc that might be involved in tracing the notes.

The Gumtree Scam. Police have warned of a scam where a buyer of electronic goods pays via bank transfer to your account whilst onsite. The scammer shows the victim a screenshot of the transfer but this screen shot is bogus. It isnt until the scammer has left the premesis and a few days later the victim realises they have been scammed when no money has come through to their account. While the specific warning isnt for the Ballan or Ballarat areas, you should all be aware of buy & sell scams like these.

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