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4 Google Chrome Speed Tips

4 Google Chrome Speed Tips

Chrome is one of the faster, smoother & secure internet browsers available today, In saying that, it uses more CPU power than alternative browsers use and more CPU usage means battery lower battery life.

1. Keep your broswer fresh, reset it occasionally to clear old temporary file & search results. Clearing the cache can result in better speed and reliability n any broswer, not just Chrome.

2. Remove unnecessary extensions. If your Chrome is experiencing unusually high CPU usage, the usual culprit is an extension. One of your extensions might be poorly coded, or it might just have a bug, but in either case, you should remove them one by one to see if it helps. Note that an extension could use CPU even when disabled, so we recommend actually removing them to make sure.

3. Disable hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration setting allows Chrome to share heavy processing loads between your CPU and your Graphics Card (GPU), but it doesn’t always work well. In fact, sometimes it causes Chrome to use even more CPU power. Try disabling hardware acceleration.

4. Fewer Tabs. In Chrome, every tab you have open is another process on for your system to compute, which means that each open tab increases the strain on your CPU & therfore your battery. Tabs that are heavy on JavaScript or Flash elements are particularly resource hungry.

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