set id Mac Are Not Immune

Mac's Are Not Immune

Mac's Are Not Immune

Apple have done an amazing job putting word out that you need not have any concern about viruses on an Apple Mac. To some degree, there’s truth to that although an Apple Mac can definitely be infected with malware, Viruses and Ransomware.

Apple has built-in malware detection and along with the operating systems file quarantines effectiveness it's meant to make it less possible that you’ll download and run malicious software. But be warned... Yes! Macs can be infected with malware, Viruses and Ransomware. Macs are not immune. Be mindful while downloading applications. Nevertheless do not run apps that are unknown to Apple unless you categorically trust the software.

Apple has built in safety levels to assist with installing software on Mac computers. Click on System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, then General. You will see three safety levels.
One of the safety levels is called Mac App Store. If you choose this one, all the apps you get will only come from the Mac app store, meaning they have the green light by Apple. To expand the app choices, you can choose Mac App Store with identified developers. This will grant you to get applications built by developers whom Apple has recommended. It does not mean it’s as secure as the Mac App Store choice, for the reason that the identified developers’ product was not test approved for security by Apple.

Update Regularly.
Be sure to always update your Mac. Go into the App Store, Click Updates and then Update All to make sure you’re caught up on updates.

To avoid this hassle in the future, put your settings on automatic updates: System Preferences, App Store, Download newly available updates in the background.

If you are having issues with your MAC, Ballan Computers can help. Let us know.

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