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NBN - Your questions answered.

NBN - Your questions answered.

Part 2/2

Ballan had had Internet connectivity issues recently, will the NBN resolve this?
Yes and No, While the NBN is based on technology to carry the information age moving forward, relying on ld copper networks for the final part of the deployment can be risky and problematic. A lot of the issues Ballan has been having in recent time is due to the work being carried out in the existing Telephone infrastructure, we anticipate some issues to both NBN & ADSL connections in the short term, with standard operating maintenance after that.

Will I need a new router to work with the NBN?
Yes, a new router will be used in some cases to carry your phone line (or additional phone lines). It’s a good idea to speak with your NBN provider to get the best modem/router for your needs. Be sure to ask for Wireless if you plan on using Laptops, Tablets or Phones on the home network.

How long will the installation of my NBN service take?
In Ballarat, we found Installation dates varied from 3 days to 6 months. There are many reason why the dates can have such a broad range. Having said that, Ballan and Ballarat are on two different NBN infrastructures. (Ballan – FTTN & Ballarat – FTTP). Fibre to the node should be much faster as there is far less work to do under the ground.

Will I be notified of the installation date during the application process with my Internet/Phone provider?
Your NBN provider should keep you updated on its progress. We have found the level of communication varies from supplier to supplier, but in most cases they are pretty happy to discuss your account & new connection.

Is a technician appointment required to install my NBN service?
An NBN technician will be deployed to make your home or business NBN ready. This however is where their responsibility ends. Once the NBN have installed their equipment, it’s up to you to connect your devices to the NBN box. While this is a relatively easy process, most people opt to have it installed by their provider to take out the ‘what if’ factor.

Will my NBN service work when there is a power failure?
There is a battery backup option you can ask for with your NBN. The battery backup allows for upto 4 hours usage in the event of a power failure. It’s important to note, this power backup is for the NBN only. It will not power your computer or cordless phone.

What is the Cost of an NBN plan?
Cast varies between suppliers and data allowances. Our advice is to shop around and get the best deal you can. In most cases the NBN solution you choose could save you money and increase your Internet speed. The NBN levels the playing field.

What if I have Eftpos, Fax, Medical Alarms or a Security System?
The NBN factors in a solution for all of those extra additions. You should make sure your provider is well aware of these additional requirements so they can have a plan in place to ensure they stay active.

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Update :- Ballan Phones & Internet to be cut off.

Update 26-8-17: Ballan Disconnection Date Approaching.

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