set id Browser Wars, Google Chrome Takes Over.

Browser Wars - Dominance Has Shifted

Browser Wars - Dominance Has Shifted

According to Sky News, Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser in the world after overtaking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer was once the most-used browser on the internet taking care of web traffic in over 95% of computers in 2002. Since then however, there have been challengers come and go, but when Mozilla’s Firefox was another launched, another challenger was born, While Firefox launched in 2004, it wasn’t until Chrome’s launch in 2008 that Internet Explorer really started to lose a lot of their users.

Despite steadily losing users, it wasn’t until this month that Internet Explorer lost its number 1 ranking. Roughly eight years since its debut Google Chrome is now the world’s most popular internet browser.

It is estimated that 41.66% of the browser market is now Google Chrome. 41.66%... thats huge considering Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge ship with Windows.

Regardless Google Chrome is unlikely to give up its number 1 ranking anytime soon. Chrome also plans to introduce a new Chrome design, one that will be more optimised then the current version. Additionally, Microsoft also have Edge. Edge was introduced in Windows 10.

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