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Adware, The Annoying Fact of Computers.

Adware, The Annoying Fact of Computers.

Adware is not considered a destructive form of Malware like Ransomware is. It’s not even stealthy like spyware is. Adware is the most annoying and in your face type of malware there is. Have you ever been the victim of countless popups, or ads that don’t belong on your screen? I would say almost everyone has at some point been in contact with a computer with Adware. Even in its simplest form. Google, Youtube, Facebook are 3 of the largest websites in the world, and they use a form of ‘safe’ adware on your computer to deliver ads that best suit you and your hobbies & search history. Then there’s the annoying form, the popups, the slides, the countless barrage of unwanted & unsolicited ads being fed to you from servers that are designed to get as many clicks as possible. Why? To make money. Every time an ad is clicked, someone, somewhere gets paid, it might only be a fraction of a cent, but the fact is that all adds up and in poorer countries, can be quite lucrative. While adware its self is more annoying that harmful, it quite often ships with more sinister payloads, such as spyware which is used to get valuable information for sale on the black market, or to build a profile to steal passwords or identities.

Best defence. Scan your computer regularly with multiple and reputable software to help identify and destroy the adware. If you’re not sure how to do this, seek professional help.

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