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Whats a Rootkit?

Whats a Rootkit?

In terms of difficulty, removing a rootkit virus from your computer is right up there. A rootkit is a virus that hides in plain sight on your computer by mimicking a real file used by the operating system making it very difficult for scanners to spot them. Even the most experienced technicians can sometimes fail to identify a rootkit virus. Sometimes the best practice for a root kit virus is to wipe the hard drive clear and re-install everything.

A rootkit virus can be a very scary prospect. Here’s some ways a Code writer could use a Rootkit virus.
- Provide backdoor access to your computer or files allowing data loss, data theft or worse false or illegal files.
- Conceal identity of other Malware that your virus scanner would otherwise find.
- Render your antivirus completely useless (as it can be made to load before the antivirus software)
- Render your computer a ‘zombie computer’ to attack other computers connected to the internet or distribute e-mail spam.
- Used as a spy to steal keystrokes allowing access to usernames, passwords, credit card numbers etc.
- Install other dangerous malicious software.

While a rootkit exploit can be used for malicious intent, there are also genuine reasons for a rootkit payload, such as;
- An emulator, (to play old games or games from another platform)
- A rom emulator (a software based DVD drive with software such as Alcohol 120%)
- Defeat Copy Protection (To make backups of your discs)
- Enhance Anti Virus ability
- Anti Theft Protection (While it doesn’t stop a computer being stolen a BIOS password can render a computer useless to a thief)

Rootkits are bad news. Ballan Computers have trained staff dealing with rootkits, if you would like us to check your computer for hidden vulnerabilities, let us know!

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