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WARNING: Beware of Accident Phishing Scams

WARNING: Beware of Accident Phishing Scams

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in posts on social media with dramatic headings to peak your interest. They provide a dramatic photo and a link for the full story. These are designed to steal your data, and there are different variations of it. Some sites simply get you to click the link to install software on your computer to open it to an attack, while others might ask you to enter your Facebook login details to ensure you’re over 18.

Here are some of the catching headlines we have seen recently.
- 17 dead in roller coaster accident (Usually has a photo of a Roller Coaster)
- (Shocking Video Footage) 18 Dead in shocking roller coaster accident (Usually with a photo of a rolloer coaster)
- 4 teens killed in (random town name) crash (Usually has a photo of a horrific car accident)
- Riots have broken out in (random place) (Usually has a photo of Police arresting someone)

These posts are normally easy to spot for a computer person, but can be more difficult for a novice computer user. Our advice with any link found on the internet, is to only click it if its on a trusted site, or passes web checkers rolled out with today’s current antivirus software.

If you think you may have fallen victim to one of these, its important that  you change your Facebook password immediately.
A computer security check might also be a good idea.

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