set id Why your website SHOULD have analytics.

Why your website SHOULD have analytics.

Why your website SHOULD have analytics.

If you run a business you likely have a Facebook page. Facebook pages give you a wealth of knowledge about your client’s habits and interests. Insights give you a way to plan a targeted attack on clients and shows you activity based on their usage. Does your website do the same?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve asked a few clients if they have tracking capabilities on their website. Some did, but a sizable percentage didn’t. Analytics are imperative for your business and here’s why.

I have a client that was spending hundreds of dollars on SEO per month and wondering why they were not seeing results. Sure, they are on the first page of Google, but the leads were not coming. I installed analytics on their website to track the number of visitors. It turns out the client had around 200 visitors a day. Of those 200 per day, (6,000 per month) there was only around 0.2 % turning into leads. They were getting clients to their website, but they were not getting leads, Why? A few adjustments to the website layout and a couple more call to action buttons, installation of live chat and boom. Leads increased by 500% in just one month. The client worked out that they were getting the clients required to the website, but not converting. With the help of analytics, the client has now halved their SEO budget and still getting more leads than before.

If you would like Analytics installed on your website, let us know. We’ll install and show you how to utilise it. Ballan Computers services Ballan, Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh, Melton, Creswick, Daylesford & surrounding areas.

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