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711 Million E-Mail Account Details Published online.

711 Million E-Mail Account Details Published online.

Details today have emerged of an enormous data leak in which an estimated 711,000,000 e-mail accounts have been leaked and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Technology specialists have urged users to immediately change their email password if they have one of the 711 Million effected accounts. Not only are these accounts available to the hackers responsible, but they have also been published online meaning anyone can see them. This means if you use the same e-mail password as your Facebook password (or any other online password) you should change them immediately as well. Published online are the email accounts address and passwords and server settings making it extremely easy for anyone to use your login credentials to systematically take over anything your email address is linked to, or use your e-mail account as a spam factory.

The ‘bot’ responsible for this breach is Malware known as ‘Onliner’. This bot self-installs on a computer without detection and spreads its self to other computers. Anyone with an e-mail address on this list are potentially at risk for any of the following, spam factories, password resets, account take-overs, associated account resets, bank login details, and the list goes on.

Our advice, is to change your passwords regularly, Everyday hackers are finding new ways to get information from you. What’s worse, is sometimes the spyware doesn’t even need to be on your own computer for your e-mail address to be compromised.

What to do about this threat?  

  1. Are you on the list? Click here to find out.
  2. Change your passwords to all accounts regularly. (Even if you’re not on the list)
  3. Try not to use the same password for every account. (We know how annoying this is)
  4. If you are on the list, change passwords with some urgency.

If you are on the list and want help making changes & resetting up your devices, let us know. We’ll book you in as soon as possible. Call us on 03 5368 2611. We're able to assist onsite in Ballarat, Ballan, Bacchus Marsh & Melton.

Don’t assume you’re immune to this threat. I’ve checked a couple of client email accounts with a 60% hit rate. I hit rate so high means if you’re not effected, someone you know is so make sure you spread the word.
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