set id Should I upgrade to Windows Build 1703

Windows 10 - Creators Update.

Windows 10 - Creators Update.

We’ve had a few people recently ask us about why Microsoft is pushing another update. Most users would have started with build 1507 or 1511 then updated to build 1607 (Anniversary Update) and now 1703 (Creators Update).

We are asked almost daily, “should I update?” The short answer is Yes. There’s a whole heap of new security features packed into the creators update. If you’re not already running Windows 10 Creators Update, you’re most likely being pestered by popups from Microsoft prompting you to do so.

This update is large, 4gb or so. It will take a little while to not only download, but also install. If you plan on using the computer within 2 hours of clicking the go button, don’t. If you’re uncomfortable installing the latest update or would like your data backed up before the update, let us know. We can take care of it all for you. Ballan Computers 03 5368 2611. We service within 20km of Ballan & Ballarat.

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