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Another Power Company Scam E-Mail.

Another Power Company Scam E-Mail.

Another Day, Another Scam. Today whilst going about my business, I get the new e-mail notification on my phone. I open my e-mail to find an a new message form from ‘Energy Australia’ claiming I owe $152.32. I immediately know it’s a scam as our power is not with Energy Australia. I get home and look at it more closely. I hover over the view bill icon (without clicking) and without surprise, if clicked, would have taken me to a fraudulent website. The scary thing about this e-mail though is it does look genuine. If you were an Energy Australia customer, you could be fooled into thinking this is a genuine bill and click the bogus link.

This seems to be an adaptation the Origin Energy bill scam we brought to attention a few weeks ago & down similar lines to an older AGL scam bill.

With more companies using e-mail billing, were expecting to see more people that click these bogus bills. We urge you to take care and be sure of what you’re opening before you click any links. If you’re not sure, call us. If you think you’ve clicked any bogus links make sure you call us as soon as possible.
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