New Windows 10 Features Being Tested.

Windows 10 about to get even better. There’s a new developer update currently being tested and almost ready to be sent out to developers & testers in the real world. Some of the new features look good. Here’s some we’ve picked out. Keep in mind, these are in a developmental test build and may not be rolled out beyond the tests. App Throttling. This will allow users to reduce resources to apps running in the background to allow for a faster performing front end. Especially .

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Spot a Fake E-Mail.

At Ballan Computers, we are seeing a considerable number of local clients who have clicked on and fallen victim to a scam emails. These email scams range from ransomware to identity theft and the statistics worldwide are unbelievable. Cybercrime affects 18 people per second, 1,080 people per minute, 64,800 per hour and a staggering 1.55 million people per day. Whilst we are constantly reminded to always check the sender of our emails, this message doesn’t always get through. Which is why.

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Leading Edge Computers Closure, Where To Get Help Now?

Due to the recent closure of Leading Edge Computers in Bacchus Marsh, Ballan Computers have noticed an increased demand on their services, with many clients requiring immediate, professional technical assistance. Bacchus Marsh is a fast-growing area and following the closure of Leading Edge, a sizable hole has been left in the Western district for quality computer repairs. The experienced team at Ballan Computers, have extensive experience in servicing both Windows & Mac computers and lap.

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Amazon Prime Has Australians In Limbo Over The Grand Tour.

At Ballan Computers, we’ve done a few blog posts about The Grand Tour and whether or not Amazon Prime will launch in time for Australians to see the show. As it stands right now…. There is STILL no official word from Amazon or streaming companies in Australia regarding some kind of arrangement for us Aussies to see the show. We’ve all seen the ‘New Top Gear’ and it’s safe to say we want Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond back on our screens as so.

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Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

All effective digital marketing strategies involve an integral component, that component is social media. Start-up or not, it is one of the best digital platforms for propelling businesses forward rapidly, provided that that social media marketing is done right.For newcomers in the digital marketing industry, making a good first impression on social media is extra critical as you only get once chance to make it right. Losing that chance means falling behind competitors and repairing reputation w.

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