MYOB Latest to be targeted by scammers.

There are many scams targeting Australian businesses. Some of the common ones we see are:  ‘Australia Post scam’, ‘Federal Police speeding fine scam’, ‘Telstra phone scam’, ‘Microsoft phone scam’ & the ‘Call Microsoft now scam’. There are many others, including a new one… the MYOB scam. The MYOB scam works when the target receives an E-Mail with a fake invoice that looks like it’s from MYOB Accounting company. Whe.

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Ballan Computers - We Come To You.

Over the last few months, Ballan Computers has seen an increase in clientele in the outer areas of Ballan including, Greendale, Gordon, Blackwood, Dales Creek, Mt Egerton & Beremboke. We have done a lot of work in these areas to make our brand known and its starting to work out well. According to our clients, Ballan Computers is one of the only computer & laptop repairers that will make appointments in these areas. We’re not sure why this is the case, but we are forever growing our.

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Ballan phones & internet to be cut off.

Before you close this windows after realising its another post about the NBN, we urge you to take the time to read at least the next line. You MUST act or you WILL lose your home phone and ADSL internet if you don’t arrange your NBN connection. This article is for residents in Ballan residential and industrial areas. With the change to the governments rollout of the NBN, there have been some horror stories. Even with that in mind you still must act. If your home phone is important to you .

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Apple fans were not ready for this.

Apple are well known for their big releases and secrecy surrounding them. We always hear trickles of news coming through but its never confirmed. This time was a little different. Apple have release new models overnight and no one knew it was coming. Welcome, The iPhone 7 Red and the iPhone 7 Plus Red. Updated iPhone SE now has more storage. Updated Cheaper iPad, with a brighter screen and a new app called Clips which allows users to add captions using voice to videos to go up ag.

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Speed Up Your Laptop

Many people believe that upgrading a laptop is impossible, however this is not the case. There a two hardware upgrades that can be performed on a laptop that can potentially speed your computer up to levels you can only imagine. The most common laptop upgrade is RAM. Some older laptops come with 2gb, whilst most laptops in the last 4 years have come with 4gb. It may be possible to double the amount of memory your computer has, thus increasing its speed. Increasing the amount of memory your com.

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