Fact of Fiction: My computer can regain its speed.

When we buy a new computer or laptop, we want it to last us a good five years. While many will buy the cheapest possible computer they can, it’s not always the best policy. Buying a low-end computer will almost certainly mean its lifespan will be relatively short due to its speed infuriating the owner. Spending a little more money on a better computer now means the likelihood of wanting un early upgrade is lower. If you decide to purchase a new computer from a major retailer, (Harvey Norm.

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Telstra Scam Still Strong.

Police are again warning Telstra clients against an elaborate scam. This scam is well known and like the Microsoft Scam. How it works. - An overseas caller rings a targets phone and tells then they have been a victim of a virus and unless they act their Internet will be disconnected to protect the Telstra servers. - In some cases, they will ask the customer to open event viewer to see errors in the error log and claim these errors are due to the virus and confirms it it that particular device.

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Animals no longer allowed to be sold on Facebook.

Facebook is home to thousands of Buy, Swap & Sell groups. Many of these groups have very strict rules in accordance with Facebook’s commerce terms. A little known rule to the Facebook commerce policy is that you cannot sell animals on Facebook. In the past, you could sell a cat or a dog (or other animals) on Facebook if you adhered to Australian law and provided microchip numbers. Without microchip numbers, the seller and page owner are liable and face sanctions and potential fines. Wh.

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Windows Vista support fades away.

Extended Support For Windows Vista has stopped as of April 11th. It was 30th January 2007 when Microsoft launched its much-anticipated operating system to replace Windows XP, Windows Vista. Windows Vista was supposed to be a massive shake up to the Windows operating system, but was marred by delays and instability that cause a lot of computer users to simply stick with Windows XP. Windows Vista wasn’t all bad however with new features such as Aero introduced for the first time. Aero g.

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CyberCrime - Targets Anyone.

Whilst out doing onsite appointments, I was asked by a gentleman “Why would they (scammers) want to target me?”  The fact is, people of all ages, particularly the elderly are falling victim to scams such as the ‘Telstra Scam’, ‘Microsoft Scam’, the ‘ADF Speeding Fine Scam” and the list goes on. The reason hackers/scammer want your details vary. It could be a simple data mining operation where your personal details are sold on the black market.

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