Copied Profile? Here's what to do.

Whilst sitting at my computer working away like I normally do when I don't have an onsite appointment, I hear the Facebook notification ding. I take a look and notice a friend request. (Always exciting to have new friends). Immediately I recognise the prfile picture and think to myself, I'm sure I'm already frineds with my Aunty from England, but I think to myself, it's not uncommon for people to have more than one profile. I accept the request and almost immedately get an inbox from the profile.

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Foxtel Wants More Restrictions on Downloads.

You might remember last year, when popular download site, ‘The Pirate Bay’ was blocked in Australia. Other popular sites, such as isohunt, torrentz and TorrentHound were also blocked. Now it seems Foxtel are going after 17 more download sites. If successful, Australian telcos such as VocusM2, Telstra, TPG, Optus will have to further restrict our internet connections by blocking more download websites. The full list includes. • YesMovies• Vumoo• LosMovies• Cartoon.

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Lessons Learnt From WannaCry Ransomware.

Having outdated computer software is high risk. The ransomware attack that shut down some British hospitals and Germany’s rails system would not have happened if they were running the latest security updates from Microsoft. Running outdated software such as Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 leaves your computer vulnerable to attack. Microsoft released a patch 2 months prior to the ransom attack that made updated computers immune to the attack. Data Backup is essential. The WannaCry rans.

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WannaCry Ransomware: How To Protect Yourself.

Over the las week, the Internet has gone in to meltdown over the WannaCry ransomware threat. WannaCry took the news world by storm when reports that patients in the UK were denied surgery due to their scans being locked out by the threat. Businesses in Australia have also been affected and the experts are expecting more cases. A security analyst found a kill switch in the WannaCry threat, which was promptly updated by the hacker and re-released. It is estimated the ransomware has infected over .

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Origin E-Mail Scam Hits Australia

Another Day, Another Scam. This time in the form of an Origin bill due within a few days of being received. This one is like the AGL scam, and like the AGL scam the e-mail will install potentially high risk malware that will compromise your computers security and our online safety. If you see the E-Mail, Delete it immediately. DO NOT click any of the link. Mail Guard have suggested the e-mail links will install software on your computer that will allow the software to ‘spy’ on the c.

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