iPhone 8 Release Confirmed

Apple has confirmed the iPhone 8 will be launched on September 12th. The biggest change is believed to be the removal of the home button to make way for an edge to edge screen. News outlets are reporting that there will be three handsets released, with the new ‘hero’ model to boast wireless charging & 3D face scanner for security. Some analysts are tipping the charging port maybe removed entirely. The iPhone 8 model is expected to be the main release, but we’re also expect.

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711 Million E-Mail Account Details Published online.

Details today have emerged of an enormous data leak in which an estimated 711,000,000 e-mail accounts have been leaked and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Technology specialists have urged users to immediately change their email password if they have one of the 711 Million effected accounts. Not only are these accounts available to the hackers responsible, but they have also been published online meaning anyone can see them. This means if you use the same e-mail password as your Facebook password .

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Setting the Record Straight – Ballan NBN.

Ballan is most of the way through its NBN rollout. On November 20th 2017, Telstra’s copper network in Ballan will be switch off. If you haven’t placed an NBN order before the November 20 cutoff date you are likely to lose any services still using the copper lines including Land Lines and ADSL connections. Let’s take a step back and talk about the type of technology available in Ballan, fibre to the node. (FTTN). Fibre to the node technology is an alternative to the more expens.

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Windows 10 - Creators Update.

We’ve had a few people recently ask us about why Microsoft is pushing another update. Most users would have started with build 1507 or 1511 then updated to build 1607 (Anniversary Update) and now 1703 (Creators Update). We are asked almost daily, “should I update?” The short answer is Yes. There’s a whole heap of new security features packed into the creators update. If you’re not already running Windows 10 Creators Update, you’re most likely being pestered b.

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Another Power Company Scam E-Mail.

Another Day, Another Scam. Today whilst going about my business, I get the new e-mail notification on my phone. I open my e-mail to find an a new message form from ‘Energy Australia’ claiming I owe $152.32. I immediately know it’s a scam as our power is not with Energy Australia. I get home and look at it more closely. I hover over the view bill icon (without clicking) and without surprise, if clicked, would have taken me to a fraudulent website. The scary thing about this e-ma.

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