PC Keeper, Should it Stay or Go?

PC Keeper is a software program developed by Essentware. It promises to make your computer faster by removing Malware and improving registry performance. We sacrificed a Windows Install to see what PC keeper really does, and unsurprisingly it seems very scammy. Here’s What they claim.- Clean Your Computer from Junk Files. - Fix Dangerous System Problems - 24/7 Live Technical Expert We freshly installed a new copy of Windows 10. We then jumped on to the PCKEEPER website to download it str.

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Office 365 Price to Increase

Microsoft has raised eyebrows by increasing the price of its Office 365 subscription service. Starting from October, Office 365 users subscribed to Home and Personal subscriptions will be hit with a $10 per year increase. If your subscription expires beyond the October 12th increase date, your next subscription will be $10 more. Business account will remain unchanged. This price increase applies only to home users. So, as of October 12th, we expect the following prices. Microsoft Office Perso.

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Why your website SHOULD have analytics.

If you run a business you likely have a Facebook page. Facebook pages give you a wealth of knowledge about your client’s habits and interests. Insights give you a way to plan a targeted attack on clients and shows you activity based on their usage. Does your website do the same? Over the last few weeks, I’ve asked a few clients if they have tracking capabilities on their website. Some did, but a sizable percentage didn’t. Analytics are imperative for your business and here&rsq.

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Protect Against Ransomware.

In recent times there has been a lot of publicity about Ransomware. The Wanna cry, Cryptolocker and Petya ransomware threats are the highest profile attacks in recent times, but did you know there are ways to avoid them? We’ve done a couple of posts about some of them including, Australia Post, AGL & Origin Energy attacks. The Wanna Cry ransomware attack only attacked computers with Windows 8 or before. Microsoft had plugged the security hole that was exploited in the previous version .

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NBN Cut-Off Extension for Ballan.

On 25th August, we wrote a post on our website to inform Ballan residents & businesses that the NBN cut-off date was approaching and orders needed to be placed on or before November 20. This cut-off date has been extended by the NBN. The new expected cut-off date is now 19th January 2018. If you currently use ADSL and live in an NBN area, you MUST place an order before the January 19 cut-off date or risk losing Internet connection. Over the last 18 months or so, we have received many calls .

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