What is Ransomware?

Ransomware can be one of the most dangerously brutal forms of Malware threats out there these days. Ransomware has the ability to destroy your files and hold you to ransom for a magical unlock. A company that makes Ransomware effectively looks for vulnerabilities and installs its self on your computer without warning or permission.  If your computer has been infected with Ransomware such as Crypto Locker, Petya, Crowti,  Reveton, TorrentLocker, KeRanger, Cryptowall or RSA4096, there&rs.

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The Top 14 Most Used Passwords of 2015.

Password Recommendations. 1. Never use the same password for multiple logins. If one password is identified, you could lose a lot more than that one account. 2. Always have a mixture of lowercase and uppercase characters. 3. If allowed always use a special character like a !,@#% ect. 4. Make you passwords a minimum of 10 characters long 5. Don't share your password with anyone. 6. Don't make password reset options easy to guess. You can check password strength here. https://howsecureismypasswor.

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Learn More about - Remote Support

When you or family run into problems with a computer, the general consensus is to take it into the computer shop for a repair. What if we told you, this didn’t have to happen? What if there was some magical way that you could get help from a computer tech without unplugging your computer? Well, here it is. We can fix most computer problems without you unplugging your computer! How? You ask... Remote access... Ballan Computers can now login to your computer with your permission (and passwor.

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WARNING: Beware of Accident Phishing Scams

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in posts on social media with dramatic headings to peak your interest. They provide a dramatic photo and a link for the full story. These are designed to steal your data, and there are different variations of it. Some sites simply get you to click the link to install software on your computer to open it to an attack, while others might ask you to enter your Facebook login details to ensure you’re over 18. Here are some of the catching hea.

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How to setup the NBN (FTTP)

The Following is for premises with Fibre to the Premesis, (Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh). Ballan has fibe to the Node, Setup will be different.If you are in one of the NBN areas with fibre to the premesis there are a few things you need to know. 1. If you plan on keeping an active phone line, you MUST switch to the NBN 2. If you are currently using ADSL you will NEED to change your providing option to either NBN or Wireless. 3. Ensure your telephone provider is aware of requirements such as Medica.

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