Urgent - Flash Update Required!

Software Giants Adobe Systems has issued an emergency update due to a security flaw exploiting the software used by Internet browsers. This flaw is being used by hackers to deliver Ransomware on Windows computers demanding payment to have them unlocked. Learn more about Ransomware Adobe has urged over 1 billion users to update their flash on multiple platforms including Windows MAC, Chrome and Linux. This should be done as quickly as possible as computers around the world are falling victim to .

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Stop Windows 10 Reminders

Over the last few weeks, Microsoft have released figures showing that Windows 10 is the fastest ever uptake of any Windows software.  Not at all surprising considering there are more computers being used than ever before, Windows 7 in the main operating system on over half of the world’s computers & Windows 10 being free for anyone running a genuine version of Windows 7 or above. There is another reason. Microsoft is being very pushy about it. In their quest to have everyone usin.

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Spyware Explained

Spyware is a term used for software that spies on your computer and your computer habits. Spyware is a major threat to a computers user and the network it’s connected to. In some cases, spyware will be installed on your computer as a bundle from a trusted program. For example, popular torrent software uTorrent is known to install spyware on your computer as part of its own install. The end goal for spyware is theft. Sometimes it could be as simple as an e-mail address or contact list to be.

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Adware, The Annoying Fact of Computers.

Adware is not considered a destructive form of Malware like Ransomware is. It’s not even stealthy like spyware is. Adware is the most annoying and in your face type of malware there is. Have you ever been the victim of countless popups, or ads that don’t belong on your screen? I would say almost everyone has at some point been in contact with a computer with Adware. Even in its simplest form. Google, Youtube, Facebook are 3 of the largest websites in the world, and they use a form of.

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Whats a Rootkit?

In terms of difficulty, removing a rootkit virus from your computer is right up there. A rootkit is a virus that hides in plain sight on your computer by mimicking a real file used by the operating system making it very difficult for scanners to spot them. Even the most experienced technicians can sometimes fail to identify a rootkit virus. Sometimes the best practice for a root kit virus is to wipe the hard drive clear and re-install everything. A rootkit virus can be a very scary prospect. He.

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