The NBN, The Good & The Bad.

It’s getting closer. We’ve been telling you all over the last few months about the NBN. It’s almost time. According to NBNco, the scheduled date for Ballan is 20th May. It is estimated, the Ballan rollout will connect around 1200 homes and businesses to the NBN. With anything as large as the National Broadband Rollout, there are good and bad points. In this post, we’ll cover both. Let’s start with the good. Speed - The NBN will be available in 4 speeds. 12/1, 25/.

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No, That Celebrity Is Not Moving Close To You.

A famous celebrity is not moving to Ballan, Ballarat, Bendigo or even Victoria. Last week a couple of large news outlets reported that Harrison Ford was moving to Ballarat to escape his Hollywood lifestyle. Then yesterday Adam Sandler was reported to be moving to Bendigo. Well we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but these are both untrue. These are both considered ‘fantasy news’ for the interest of entertainment, but there’s a more specific reason for these sensational untr.

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Homeland Security says Uninstall Quicktime.

For years QuickTime has been a popular program to play videos & audio on Windows computers. We are now being advised by the US Homeland Security to uninstall QuickTime immediately if you are using it on a Windows based computer. Why? Apple are no longer updating it , leaving you open to a massive array of threats including what Homeland Security say are two critical threats. Ballan Computers has done a few posts explaining Malware, Ransomware, Spyware and computer threats in general. The i.

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YouTube Data Usage Explained

YouTube is now widely used in many households, especially in the 13-25 year old age bracket. It leads to the same question every second visit... How much data does YouTube use? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer, but we’ll try and explain the best we can. Data usage varies based on the videos you view. When a YouTube user uploads a video, they can choose to upload it in 5 different resolutions. This basically means quality level. Each video uploaded to youtube can have a resol.

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Urgent - Flash Update Required!

Software Giants Adobe Systems has issued an emergency update due to a security flaw exploiting the software used by Internet browsers. This flaw is being used by hackers to deliver Ransomware on Windows computers demanding payment to have them unlocked. Learn more about Ransomware Adobe has urged over 1 billion users to update their flash on multiple platforms including Windows MAC, Chrome and Linux. This should be done as quickly as possible as computers around the world are falling victim to .

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